510 vs 808 Threading – Everything you need to know

E-Smart Differience between 510 and 808 Threading

The E-Smart Electronic Cigarette Vape Kit from Kangertech is a very popular model that has been around for quite a while and for very good reason. It mimics the feel and experience of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette providing a truly remarkable vape experience that newer larger devices just do not capture.

For many though, there is confusion as to the threading on the E-Smart device as 2 versions were released (The 510 and the 808 version) and this has caused issue with customer purchasing the wrong replacement parts for their device. Our goal in this article is to inform customers of the 2 versions available and to direct you on what parts you need for the device you currently own.

E-Smart 510 Threading vs 808 Threading

510 and 808 – Why is there 2 versions?

At the beginning of it all, there were 2 manufacturers aiming to bring electronic cigarettes to market. One designed their ecigarette with a male threading on the battery and a female threading on the cartridge which was name the 808 threading.  The other manufacturer wanted to offer the same design however to avoid completely replicating the device and possibly being sued for copyright infringement designed the device with a reverse threading whereas the battery had a female inwards threading and the cartridge had a male outwards threading known simply as a 510 threading. We are not sure which actually came first, however both are used and the 510 threading became the winner and staple of the industry as more manufacturers adopted it for reasons unknown. The performance is equal and there is no advantage in performance. Because the 510 became the widely used variation in devices going forward since the beginning, it is more cross compatible with more devices.

510 Threading

So the 510 threading means the battery will have an inwards female threading and the cartridge or tank will have an outwards male threading. Almost all tanks available on the market today use this design. The E-Smart electronic vape kit also utilizes this design too. The USB Charger adapter you will need for a 510 E-Smart battery will have an outwards male threading.

808 Threading

The 808 Threading available now only from manufacturers of 808 cigalike vape kits and Kangertech E-Smart vape kits will have an outwards male threading on the battery and an inwards female threading on the cartridge/tank. The USB Charger will have an inwards female threading.


E-Smart Charger Threading for 510 or 808

Choosing the right replacement parts

If you already have an E-Smart vape kit or a cigalike vape kit, take a close look at the battery. If the battery has an outwards male threading, then it is an 808 Kit and you will want to look for cartridges, tanks, batteries and chargers that mention they are 808 compatible. If the battery has an inwards female threading, then you want to look for cartridges, tanks, batteries and chargers that mention they are 510 compatible and you should be good to go.

I just started vaping, what should i choose?

It really doesnt matter which way you go, they both perform equally. You cant go wrong either way, although with 510 you will be able to use your parts with many other devices on the market as it is more widely used in the industry.

Are you ready to try the vape kit that simulates tobacco smoking the best? Check out the E-Smart Electronic Cigarette Vape kit by Kangertech

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