Canada restricts E-Cigarette Usage

Recently the Ontario Government has banned the use of E-Cigarettes in public places and is treating them like tobacco cigarettes by restricting their usage.

If you think there is something wrong with this, you couldnt be more right! Electronic Cigarettes offer tobacco users who are trying to kick the nasty habit a viable alternative to a healthier lifestyle. Electronic Cigarettes when used as directed are a much more healthier alternative to their tobacco analog counterparts.

There is no scientific evidence that shows that second hand vapor can cause any health issues, so to quickly ban their use and put them into the same class as tobacco cigarettes seems a little over the top. How many years went by before the government decided to ban tobacco smoking from public places? It was 2006 when they started the ban and cigarette smoking and the health consequences related to them had been known for decades. All of a sudden a new device emerges which doesnt involve smoke and the thousands of cancer causing carcinogens and it is quickly placed in the same category as tobacco cigarettes within a few years of it growing in popularity.

With no conclusive proof of their potential damage to public health and many success stories emerging from users who have kicked their tobacco habit, are breathing much better and have seen an incline in their overall health, the only reason a government ban would be put in place is to limit or slow down the vaping market as a whole so that tobacco companies can maintain a level playing field and still bring in solid profits, profits for which the government themselves reaps a large percentage in taxes from.

Nicotine is the reason people use tobacco cigarettes. It isnt the carbon monoxide, formaldahyde, ammonia, arsenic or hydrogen cyanide. A device comes along which offers simply that, nicotine and we pile this into the same category as tobacco cigarettes? E-Cigarette second hand smoke is currently be investigated and conclusions are arising which state that electronic cigarette second hand smoke is nearly 100% safe. The only chemical measured to be released in e-cigarette vapor is nicotine and its concentrations are very low at a rate of 10 times lower of that found in the second hand smoke of a tobacco cigarette. Nicotine is also found in many foods such as Tomatoes, Potatoes, Eggplant and Tea’s that we consume, so are these foods going to be banned for use as well?

Without conclusive scientific proof of the health consequences of electronic cigarettes and their second hand smoke, it seems senseless to put it in the same category as tobacco. We do need policies in place to protect children from starting to use any device which contains an addictive ingredient, but e-cigarette smoking offers to save smokers lives as well as tax payers dollars so to thwart a new breakthrough which offers such promise in the health of canadians seems rediculous.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigarette devices can be improved upon and as years go by, their efficacy has come a long way. E-Cigarettes will evolve and be more fine tuned to deliver the important ingredient needed to tobacco users who are trying to escape the negative grasp of its tobbaco counterpart. We the public and the government should be encouraging the use of such devices until science presents evidence to the contrary.

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