Kanger E-Smart Electronic Cigarette Vape Kit (808 or 510)


The E-Smart electronic cigarette vape kit by Kangertech offers a perfect transition tool for tobacco smokers to make the change to vaping more enjoyable.


The E-Smart electronic cigarette vape kit by Kangertech offers a perfect transition tool for tobacco smokers to make the change to vaping more enjoyable. It features 2 powerful 320mAh batteries measuring in at only 72mm in length and easy-fill 1ml clearomizer cartridges with graduated markings. This manual push-button kit creates the perfect vaping experience providing excellent cloud production and superior flavour thanks to Kanger’s BCC (bottom coil clearomizer) design.

Powerful Battery
Each battery included in your kit will have a capacity of 320mAh which provides excellent power to the coil to produce great flavour and vapour. 1 battery full charged should easily last a full days worth of vaping.

Safety Push-Button Operation
Kanger puts safety first and the E-Smart features a push-button to operate. Simply click 5 times quickly to turn on and off the device and hold the button down to heat the coil and inhale. This push-button on and off feature provides safety by preventing the battery from misfiring in a persons pant pocket or purse.

Quick Charge Battery System
The E-Smart batteries can be charged in approx 1-2 hours and should last the user for a full days worth of vaping. 2 batteries are included with your kit, so you can always have one battery charging while you are using the other one.

Proper Care & Maintenance for your E-Smart Batteries

The following are some helpful points for people using the E-Smart Series of batteries. Following these helpful hints will prolong the life of your battery and let you get the most use of it.

  • Always monitor the charging process and preferably remove from the charger when charging is complete
  • After each cartridge change, be sure to use a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol (squeeze most of liquid out of cotton swab) and clean inside the threading and the outside of the threading of the battery.
  • There are 2 tiny holes in the threading of the battery. From time to time, make sure these holes are clear using a pin.
  • When you are not using the device, quickly click the power button 5 times to turn it off. This will avoid any unnecessary firing of the power button and prolong the life of the battery.

The Kanger E-Smart Electronic Cigarette Vape Kit (510 or 808 Threading) is compatible with the following products:

Kangertech E-Smart BCC Clearomizer Cartridge (5 Pack)
Kangertech E-Smart BCC Replacement Atomizer Coil (5 Pack)
Kangertech E-Smart Battery 320mAh
E-Cigarette AC Wall Charger Adapter
Kanger E-Smart USB Battery Charger (Cabled)

Included with your purchase:

  • 2 x Kanger E-Smart 320mAh Manual Batteries (Black or White)
  • 5 x 1.3ml Kanger E-Smart BCC Clearomizers
  • 1 x Wall Charger Adapter
  • 1 x USB (Cabled) Charger
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Not sure what 510 and 808 threading means? Looking for the correct part for your E-Smart device? Check out our E-Smart 510 vs 808 Threading Article

Note: Each clearomizer when filled will last approx 100-125 puffs with 10 puffs being the equivalent to 1 traditional cigarette.

WARNING: It is important to use only the charger and adapter that came with your kit. Using other charges from other sellers or other kits may result in malfunction of the batter which can cause damage or possible injury.

Weight 0.4500 kg
Manufactured By


Battery Threading

808, EGO / 510

Battery Voltage


Battery Options

Black (Manual) (320mAh), White (Manual) (320mAh)

Battery Diameter


Battery Length


Clearomizer Length


Total Length


Puffs per Charge

Approx 200-300

Case Color


Cartridges are empty

I Understand

Charge Time

1-2 Hours


Push Button


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