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Refer A Friend and Earn Bonus Reward Points

At eCigarettes Canada, we want to reward you for spreading the word about the great products and service we have to offer. Not only are you letting your family and friends know about the great deals, quality products and super savings eCigarettes Canada has to offer, but you are also earning reward points by doing so which go a long way in discounting your future orders and earning alot of free merchandise.

How do i start referring people?

Start referring people by logging on to our website and going to My Account > My Referrals section where you will find the following ways in which you can start referring people:

  1. Your referral url which you can share and when people enter that url in their browser and go to our store and make a purchase, you will earn your reward points.
  2. You will also find your referral code which you can have people enter when they are at checkout or signup to ensure you receive your reward points when they complete their first purchase.
  3. Your referral email address which customers can also enter at checkout or signup to ensure you receive your reward points when they complete their first purchase.
  4.  And finally you can send invites directly from your “My Referrals” page which will give people instructions on how to shop and make sure your the referrer earn points.

Note: A great way to refer people is to create business cards which include all of the above and hand them out to people you think would like the product and would benefit from it.

How many Reward Points to equal a discount of $1.00?

It takes 15 reward points to discount your order $1.00.

What type of Rewards will i get for referring people?

The following are a list of rewards we give all customers for referring their friends and family who make purchases on our online store. There is no limit to how many reward points you can earn, so spread the word and start earning huge discounts on your orders today!

Rewards Points for Referrals

ActionReward Points Earned
Each person you refer makes their first purchase
When each person you refer makes their first purchase, you will earn reward points once their purchase* has been completed.
Your 2nd Referral Milestone Reward
Once you have made your 2nd referral and they have completed their order, you will receive reward points in addition to the referral first purchase* rewards points.
Your 5th Referral Milestone Reward
You have told 5 people about us and we really appreciate you spreading the good word! For the efforts, we will deposit a healthy sum of reward points into your points account once your 5 referrals each complete their first purchase* with us.
Your 10th Referral Milestone Reward
Having told 10 of your friends, family or co-workers about us is a great accomplishment that deserves to be rewarded. Once each of your referrals completes their first purchase*, we will deposit a large sum of reward points to your points account.
Your 15th Referral Milestone Reward
You just keep spreading the word and really want to earn lots of points for bigger and bigger discounts! Once all 15 people you referred have completed their first purchase*, we will unload a hefty amount of reward points in your points account.
Your 20th Referral Milestone Reward
You have reached the top, however you can always earn reward points by referring people to our store. Referring 20 people is no easy task and we appreciate you spreading the good word about eCigarettes Canada so others can experience the great products we have to offer.
*A purchase is defined as an order placed on our store which has been fully paid for and shipped to the customer. Once a purchase has been made, the referral reward points will then be awarded.
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