Reward Points

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What are Reward Points?

Reward points are a great way to discount your future orders with us and save, save, save! Save them up and spend them all at once, or spend a little here and a little there to discount multiple orders.

How do i spend my Reward Points?

To spend your hard earned reward points, at checkout just choose how many points you want to apply to your current order and our store will deduct the amount from your orders total.

How many Reward Points to equal a discount of $1.00?

It takes 15 reward points to discount your order $1.00.

How do I earn Reward Points?

It’s simple. Make a purchase on our store or complete various tasks such as the ones listed below and we will deposit the earned reward points to your points account. Some tasks require a specific time period to elapse before we can deposit, but you will receive an email once the deposit has been made. Making a purchase on our store will earn you 1 reward point for every dollar spent. Complete additional tasks like the ones on this page and you will earn additional reward points to help build your points balance. All Reward Points are given out based on the order sub-total (not including shipping and taxes).

Refer A Friend

ActionReward Points Earned
Each person you refer makes their first purchase
When each person you refer makes their first purchase, you will earn reward points once their purchase* has been completed.
Share your referral link and start earning big!
When you share your referral link, you can start earning alot of reward points. When people you send the referral link to click on your referral link, use your referral code or enter your email address, you will receive reward points when they make their first purchase.
Note: You will only earn points on each of your referral’s first purchase’s, however you will also receive milestone reward points for  your 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th referrals.   Example: Person clicks on your referral link, enters your referral code or your email address on our store and places an order with a sub-total of $100.00 before taxes. You will be awarded 300 reward points which is equal to $20.00

Other ways to earn Reward Points

ActionReward Points Earned
Make a purchase on our store
Thats right, every purchase you make on our store will earn you Reward Points. Even when you spend Reward Points on an order, you will still earn Reward Points on that order.
1 Pt/$1.00 spent
Subscribe to our Newsletter
This is an easy way of earning a bunch of Reward Points right off the hop. Earn 45 Reward Points just by letting us keep you informed on upcoming products, promotions and news.
Like, Tweet or Pin and earn!
Let the world know (or at least your close friends and family) know about us and you will earn a few Reward Points for your efforts. Look for the Like, Pin it and Tweet icons located just on top of the product picture on a products page and click each one.
5 Pts each
Vote in our Community Polls and earn points
From time to time, we like to get a read on whats important to our customers and where exactly they fit in when it comes to certain topics. Have your say and earn points along the way!
Rate a product and earn points!
On a product page, simply click to “Be the first to review this product” or “Add your review” and when you rate a product, you will earn some good reward points for letting others know of the true overall quality, value and price of our products.
Be a product reviewer and get paid to do it
When you are on our website, you can review any of our products and share your opinions on the overall quality and performance our products have to offer. When you review a product, you will get rewarded with reward points once your review has been approved.
Have a Happy Birthday and earn
When its your birthday, we celebrate it with a small gift of savings. We will deposit 150 Reward Points on your birthday so you can spend as you wish.
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