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Many customers of Smoke NV in Canada have been left out in the cold since the company has disappeared without a trace. A company in Australia also known as Smoke NV is disassociating itself from the Canadian company with the same name for what reasons we do not know. What we do know is Smoke NV provided Canadians with a realistic cigalike electronic cigarette smoking experience like no other. Many customers were quite happy with the product and the way it mimicked a traditional tobacco cigarette. Unlike many of the more modern vaping products out there today which are very large in size and take alot of trial and error to master, the Smoke NV e-cigarette was extremely easy to use and just felt right in your hand.

Luckily existing Smoke NV customers can still purchase cigalike products and accessories that are fully compatible with their existing hardware that they purchased from Smoke NV. We at eCigarettes Canada offer the same batteries and cartridges that are completely compatible with the Smoke NV system. Our batteries (KR808 Model) work with Smoke NV cartridges and our cartridges (KR808 Model) also work with Smoke NV batteries. Furthermore, our batteries (KR808 model) can be charged using the Smoke NV Wall Charger and USB Charger too.

Not to mention, the pricing is much more favorable for the user compared to what Smoke NV was charging and we also offer nicotine in our E-Liquid/E-Juice. Smoke NV also offered just a few flavours meanwhile we are offering a wide variety of flavours and strengths. It was brought to our attention that existing Smoke NV users were left in the dark and we just wanted to let them all know that they dont have to throw their ecigarettes in the garbage. They have a new home with eCigarettes Canada!

If you are a former Smoke NV customer, please visit our KR808 section HERE to purchase products compatible with your Smoke NV electronic cigarette kit.

Also dont forget to check out our wide variety of E-Liquid HERE

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