KR808D-1 Premium E-Cigarette Starter Kit

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The KR808D-1 Electronic Cigarette Classic Kit offers a realistic alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Batteries resemble their analog counterpart in length and are very lightweight.

If you purchase this product you will earn 46 Reward Pts worth $2.30!
If you purchase this product you will earn 46 Reward Pts worth $2.30!

The KR808D-1 Electronic Cigarette Classic Kit offers a realistic alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. Batteries resemble their analog counterpart in length and are very lightweight. Vapor production is excellent when using the included cartomizers which offer easy filling and cleaning.

These current kits are manufactured by the same manufacturer that makes V2 batteries and cartridges. They are durable and reliable and their performance is on par if not better than Kanger.

Realistic Alternative to Tobacco Smoking
The KR808D-1 offers a lightweight alternative to traditional smoking. Batteries are similar in length to tobacco cigarettes and the overall weight of the device is the closest you will get to a real cigarette. The end tip of the device features a red LED power indicator to show the remaining power of the battery so you know when to charge. There is no manual button for operation and the device produces vapor as soon as the user starts inhaling.

Cartomizer Technology
Cartomizers have been around for quite some time and there is a reason for this… they perform well and are reliable for vaping e-liquid on a daily basis. They can be filled quite a few times and cleaning them is rather easy.

Automatic Delivery System
Simply take a puff of the KR808D-1 and the suction created will activate the atomizer which in turn heats up the e-juice delivering nicotine and flavor into the users mouth.

Quick Charge Battery System
The KR808D-1 batteries can be charged in approx 2-3 hours and should last the user for a full days worth of vaping. 2 batteries are included with your kit, so you can always have one battery charging while you are using the other one.

Filling KR808D-1 Cartomizer Metal Cartridge with a syringe (Syringes are available on our store under “Accessories”)

The following are the steps involved in successfully filling a metal cartridge(cartomizer) with liquid:

  1. Remove cartridge from packaging and remove the clear silicone end cap from the end that has the white rubber insert with the hole in it (not the end that connects to the battery).
  2. Now using the end of the syringe inserted into the hole in the white rubber end piece, remove the white end piece and set aside.
  3. Inside you may or may not see a clear silicone ring located on top of the cotton filler. Use the syringe to gently remove this ring and set aside.
  4. Fill the syringe with 1ml of your favorite E-Liquid by inserting the syringe into the bottle tip and drawing the required amount into the syringe.
  5. Now insert the syringe needle on the side of the cotton fill against the metal wall. You want the needle to go to the very bottom of the cartridge. You will notice the syringe tip is angled. One way it will always get caught on the cotton filling and the other way it will slide in perfectly. Eventually you will get the hang of it as to how to insert it.
  6. Once the needle is touching the bottom of the cartridge, release 50% of the liquid. After take the syringe out, try the other side of the cartridge (trying to go as deep as possible) and release the other 50% of the liquid. If you must insert the needle into the cotton, it is ok, but just be sure to release the liquid very slowly so it doesn’t back up on you and fill on top of the cotton. We want the liquid at the very bottom of the cartridge.
  7. Be sure to slowly release the liquid into the cartridge. If liquid comes up through the center hole, simply allow it and once the syringe is empty, insert it into the center hole and pull on the handle of the syringe to suck up any excess liquid from the hole.
  8. After your are done filling place the cartridge upside down on a piece of paper towel with the open end facing down so the liquid you inserted into the bottom of the cartridge can now make its way down through the cotton and be fully absorbed.
  9. Wait about 15 minutes or so and the cartridge should be good to go. Insert the silicone ring (if there was one) back in place and insert the white rubber end piece and finally remove the existing clear silicone end cap. Be sure to wipe off any excess liquid from the end that connects to the battery and screw the cartridge onto the battery. Take long slow puffs at the beginning (first 10 puffs).

Proper Care & Maintenance for your KR808D-1 Batteries

The following are some helpful points for people using the KR808D Series of batteries. Following these helpful hints will prolong the life of your battery and let you get the most use of it.

  • After each cartridge change, be sure to blow through the cartridge to remove any excess liquid that may be there due to filling or re-filling a cartridge.
  • After each cartridge change, be sure to clean the threading of the battery using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Be sure not to get any liquid inside the end hole of the battery.
  • There are tiny holes (2 of them) in the threading of the battery. Make sure these are not clogged as they allow air flow through which is needed for the battery to perform well.
  • When puffing on the KR808 battery, try to puff with the LED end facing up as much as comfortably possible. Puffing with the LED facing down, increases the chance of liquid entering the battery and possibly causing malfunction.
  • When charging your KR808D series battery, be sure to only put it on charge when it is completely drained. Although it is not 100% necessary, it will prolong the life of the battery charging from completely drained to completely full.
  • Try not to leave the battery on charge for longer than is needed. Excessive charging over and above when the battery is fully charged can and may lead to a shorter overall battery life.

Included with your purchase:

  • 2 x KR808D-1 Batteries 78mm (250mAh)
  • 5 x 0.9ml KR808D-1 Metal Cartomizers
  • 1 x Wall Charger Adapter
  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x Carrying Case
  • 1 x Instructions

Note: Each cartomizer when filled will last approx 100 puffs with 10 puffs being the equivalent to 1 traditional cigarette.

WARNING: It is important to use only the charger and adapter that came with your kit. Using other charges from other sellers or other kits may result in malfunction of the battery which can cause damage or possible injury.

Manufactured By

Manufacturer of V2

Battery Diameter


Case Color


Battery Length


Cartomizer Color


Battery Threading


Battery Options

Black Battery (78mm / 250mAh) (Blue Glow Tip), White Battery (78mm / 250mAh) (Red Glow Tip)

Cartridges are empty

I Understand

Liquid Capacity


Cartomizer Diameter


Cartomizer Length


Cartridge Threading


Charge Time

2-3 Hours



Puffs per Charge

107mm – Approx 200 Puffs / 70mm – Approx 100 Puffs

Total Length


4 reviews for KR808D-1 Premium E-Cigarette Starter Kit

  1. Mike Chen

    Happy with my purchase. Great kit. I started using this and have not had a cigarette in 3 months. Cartridges can be tricky to fill, but i use a syringe and over time it becomes quite easy. Excellent product!

  2. Aaron

    Great for “cigalikes”. ! month smoke free. I have had similar “510” kits and this is much, much better. Almost triple the battery life of others and while not “heavy duty” much better vapour than the older 510’s I had

  3. Tammy

    I used to vape, GreenSmoke. I moved to Canada and have tried several other vapelike Cigs and found nothing to compare until I gave these a try. I am very impressed and I highly recommend. The battery quality and draw is exactly the same as GreenSmoke and more like a real tobacco cigarette than you will get anywhere. Thank you so much for this great product!


    I bought this product to reduce my cigarettes daily intake. And it works! I went from a full pack to 5-7 cigs a day. Hoping to completely quit smoking in a few weeks, and eventually reduce the nicotine strenght. I tried other vaping devices before, and always stopped using it because the filling process was messy, and even if that was kind of close to smoking, it never had that same feeling of holding a cigarette in your fingers. This product totally does it, and the filling process is really simplet with the seringe. No mess at all! Really satisfied so far.

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